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Become a Reseller

Lemur™ provides a fast, low-risk way to add real GIS to your product. In as few as 100 lines of code, this platform can be integrated into your product and then re-sold to your customers to increase the value and competitiveness of your solution without you hiring a single GIS programmer.

Critigen Lemur LogoCritigen works closely with resellers to ensure a seamless experience for customers, from the initial sale through ongoing usage of Lemur™ and your product. We make every effort to match your pricing model, terms, and discounts. Critigen also brings strong GIS-SAP integration expertise and brand to your sale. Critigen built the Map Control for SAP Work Manager and it is well-known within the industry that Critigen projects are successful – we’re frequently called on to rescue projects that are failing!

Lemur™ Feature Summary

  • Native experience with multiple Windows and iOS platforms supported
  • Offline-GIS capable right out-of-the-box
  • Insulates you from Esri SDK version changes and end-of-life. Critigen provides support and handles new versions of the Esri SDK to ensure you stay within support and aren't faced with major upgrade headaches from constant Esri retirement of its SDKs
  • Provides business-object-specific tools on top of the SDK
  • Provides configurability of the map, business object mappings, GIS layers included, without code
  • The same Lemur™ configurations can be used on any platform - making the map part of your app instantly multi-platform
  • Light integration with your product means easy upgrades to your product or ours without adverse impacts on the other
  • Lemur™ is driven by configuration, not custom code making it easy to adapt to each customer’s needs
  • Lemur™ Geocache provides a solution for managing on-device storage requirements
  • Integrates with your security model

Integrating Lemur™ Into Your Product is a Simple Process

  • Lemur™ is “just a component” you drop in your application
  • Lemur™ receives business data and a key to match GIS data from your application
  • Your application receives notifications to handle “actions” initiated from Lemur™

A Critigen Rapid Deployment Solution accompanies your sale to ensure successful implementation.