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For SAP Work Manager

From the original developers of the Map tab in SAP Work Manager, comes an upgraded mapping experience for SAP Work Manager. Integrating Lemur™ into Work Manager provides an improved user experience and a dramatically improved implementation and maintenance experience.

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Lemur™ continues to deliver on the most significant benefits of SAP Work Manager’s GIS integration including:

  • Map-enable your business objects inside Work Manager
  • Bringing GIS data and attributes into Work Manager
  • Offline access to maps, GIS and business data
  • A device-native experience
  • Quick identification of the correct Equipment, Functional Location, Work Order, or Notification by standing next to it!
  • See engineering and design information along with business objects in the same view

Lemur™ adds additional value in an enterprise environment by providing additional support for maintenance, upgrades, and caching, all while reducing implementation time and risk. Notably, also Lemur™ enhances SAP Work Manager with:

  • Configurability of the map, mappings, GIS layers included, without code
  • Lemur™ Geocache minimizes impact to existing enterprise GIS
  • The same Lemur™ configurations can be used on any platform - making the map part of your app instantly multi-platform
  • Regular maintenance/upgrades
  • Upgradeability of the map control independently of Work Manager and insulation for your mapping from SAP Work Manager upgrade complexities
  • Reuse of your SAP Work Manager business logic for all actions, including custom workflows

Adding Lemur™ to your SAP Work Manager Implementation is easier than you think.

  • Critigen consultants provide the initial configuration of the map control and offline caching with a short Rapid Deployment Solution
  • Bring on-prem or in-the cloud to reduce IT Infrastructure complexity/OH
  • Configure Geocache to communicate with your existing GIS Server

Contact Critigen today to learn more about adding Lemur™ to your Work Manager Implementation.