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For Innovapptive mWorkOrder

Critigen and Innovapptive have teamed to offer Lemur™ as the pure GIS option for mapping inside Innovapptive’s leading Work Order and Asset Management mobile solution: mWorkOrder. Lemur™ is seamlessly integrated with mWorkOrder, and allows users to access both GIS data as well as to view and launch actions on Notifications, Work Orders, Functional Locations, and Equipment. Each application uses RACE™ to configure both mWorkOrder and the specifics of the map, maintaining the industry-leading rapid deployment time of Innovapptive’s mobile application suite.

Using Lemur™ to bring GIS into mWorkOrder, allows your teams full access to engineering information from the GIS in the field and in the same application they use to record their work — no clumsy switching applications required. Field users can use the ‘my location’ feature to easily identify the correct asset, which will increase accuracy of the work performed and recorded. As with mWorkOrder, that information is available in online, offline, and hybrid modes.

This platform will give your teams the ability to make the map a primary user interface. By configuring the actions your team needs through RACE™, field crews can initiate actions from logging time to equipment changes directly from the map, and use the same logic you’ve already defined for mWorkOrder.

Lemur™ for mWorkOrder also includes Lemur™ Geocache, a server or cloud-based solution to help you manage the amount of GIS data sent to each device, prepare it for offline use, and limit the impact to your enterprise GIS so your GIS team just keeps working. Because Lemur™ uses real Esri GIS, there's no need to worry about incompatibilities or disconnects with your corporate GIS.

Geocache Benefits

  • Offline, online, and hybrid modes are supported
  • Manage offline cache size on mobile device with custom GIS dataset management
  • Minimizes impact to existing enterprise GIS

Contact Innovapptive to receive a no-obligation quote for adding Lemur™ to your existing mWorkOrder implementation or with a new implementation.

Adding Lemur™ for mWorkOrder is Simple

  • Subscriptions and licensing match Innovapptive terms for ease of contracting
  • Critigen consultants to provide the initial configuration of the map control and offline caching with a short Rapid Deployment Solution
  • Bring Lemur™ on-prem or in-the cloud to reduce IT Infrastructure complexity/OH

Configure Geocache to communicate with your existing GIS server.